Born in Louisiana, 1978

I am a Bayou State, contemporary printmaking artist. Monroe is my base, where I live with my husband and two children. Most of my time is spent carving in my studio with my naughty dog, Django Reinhardt and precious dog, Rhett Butler. Recently I rediscovered my passion for making art after a 13 year hiatus.
Balance - A reverence of mine. I like to deconstruct subjects into shapes, curves, lines, positive and negative spaces. Simplification and equilibrium of a subject through an unexpected and scrupulous medium is my process.
Using traditional carving tools on wood or linoleum, I create a "stamp" for prints. Ink is applied to the block and paper is pressed overtop to imprint the image. Once the series of prints are complete, the block is painted and sealed thus ending the life of the block as a print maker and beginning life as its own work of art.
I draw inspiration from my own experiences and people around me and create work that I find beautiful. 


Courtney Wetzel